Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sodexo Gift Pass?

Sodexo Gift Pass is a voucher that can be used as part of payment for the purchase of goods and services island wide at all the outlets and stores of our Sodexo merchant partners in Singapore.
No, Sodexo is an independent voucher issuer. We build a merchant network that has a wide variety in categories. You can use your gift pass for the purchase of goods or services at the outlets and stores of our merchant partners.
Sodexo Gift Pass is accepted island wide in a wide range of categories at our merchant partners’ outlets and stores. Click on the “Home Page” for more information.
The recipient will be solely responsible for the safekeeping and proper usage of the voucher. Stolen or lost Sodexo Gift Pass will not be replaced.
Damaged Sodexo Gift Pass is subjected to the assessment of security features, face value and serial numbers remaining intact to be accepted. We recommend that you take good care of your vouchers to avoid disappointment.
There will not be any refund in cash for any transaction below the face value.
No, because the cashier systems in the store-in-store concept stores (such as GNC store inside Takashimaya Departmental Store or Sushi Goshin by Akashi in Robinsons The Heeren) do not belong to our merchant partners and thus the Sodexo Gift Pass cannot be used for redemption at these store-in-store concept stores.
No, Sodexo Gift Pass is already a voucher which can only be use for the purchase of goods and services.
Yes, Sodexo Gift Pass can be used as part of payment for the purchase of goods and services island wide with no in-store restrictions at the participating brands.
All the outlet or store managers of our merchant partners are trained to help the recipients of Sodexo Gift Pass. You may refer to the “Contact Us” in this website to e-mail or call our Sodexo customer service number at 6509 0180 for further assistance.